“The violinist Linda Jankowska, meanwhile, moved ghost-like through the crowd, playing a cryptic, suggestive score composed by Szymon Brzóska.”

- Luke Jennings, The Guardian

In 2009 Polish dancer and choreographer Małgorzata Dzierżon has commissioned me to compose a piece for cello solo for her dance solo project I will (premiered in The Place Theatre in London). I was very excited when Małgorzata invited me to write music for the new project of the New Movement Collective. Casting Traces is a very special performance, combining dance, video, music and architecture, inspired by Paul Auster's novel The New York Trilogy

The music, written for violin and electronics (performed live by the talented violinist Linda Jankowska) follows the dancers through the paper maze, diving into the world of illusion and mystery.

Choreography, Concept & Performance: New Movement Collective
Music: Szymon Brzóska
Architecture: Elin Eyborg
Costume Design: Alice Walkling
Lightning Design: Chris Swain (London), Ben Crawford (Brighton/Winchester)
Violin: Linda Jankowska/Aisha Orazbayeva
Małgorzata Dzierżon/New Movement Collective, London, 2012