The theme of my second collaboration with Company Idem deals with human striving for the ideal, for beauty and immortality. Based on (derived from) the concept in Antiquity that perfect beauty can only be achieved in art and thereby a truly beautiful body created, the philosophy/notion arose that through this process of idealization godliness and immortality could be reached. The protagonist, in this case is the artist of the classical period of Greek art. He perfected and transformed reality until he was satisfied that he had created a perfect being that transcended the natural. The music is performed by Victor Guaita, Barbara Drazkov and myself.

Choreographer & Director: Matthias Kass
Choreographer: Clément Bugnon
Composer/Musician: Michio Woirgardt
Composer: Szymon Brzoska
Piano: Barbara Drazkowska
Violist: Victor Guaita

Co-production: Théâtre Benno Besson, 2021