My first collaboration with Company Idem and its two choreographers Matthias Kass and Clément Bugnon explores the linearity of time and symbolism of number three.

Three Ages presents three male figures: The Man in Color, the present torn between the Man in White (his past memories) and the Man in Black (his future). We are invited to observe their relations and witness how they intertwine with each other; understand their different energies, emotions and desires. The music written for viola and piano with elements of prepared piano (significant contribution of Barbara) follows the characters into their complex, layered and constantly changing and evolving relationships.

Choreographer & director: Matthias Kass
Choreographer: Clément Bugnon
Composer: Szymon Brzóska
Pianist: Barbara Drążkowska
Violist: Victor Guaita
Dramaturgical coach: Guy Cools

Co-production: Théâtre Benno Besson
Premiere: Casino Théâtre Rolle, 15 February 2019